About Us

About Us

At Right Training Academy, we are committed to providing high-quality training programs to various businesses and corporate organizations to align with their business objectives and targeted success. Our team consists of professional trainers who possess vast experience and expertise in professional practices.

We prioritize assisting your organization by equipping human resources with high professional competency and skills. As a result, our training programs are expected to produce efficient employees who can work towards achieving higher productivity and profitability goals of your company.

As a training service provider, we shape our program according to the needs of our clients for promising and tangible outcomes through our offered training programs. We craft our training programs to suit the diverse company’s background and industry by adapting and integrating every working culture and organizational values into every training we develop.

Our Objectives

“We promise to deliver only the best and high-quality services to our clients. We are keen to play our role as Learning and Development (L&D) team to maximise the potential in each of your employees so that they can bring your company to remarkable success.”

Our Vision

  • We are determined to facilitate the company as an ideal training service provider to every company in Malaysia.

  • We aim to be a progressive partner of our clients by providing continuous collaboration before, during, and after the program.

  • We are persistent to grow as an innovative and forward-thinking training service provider so that our services can evolve and are always relevant to industry and market needs.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide the highest quality training programs to our clients with maximum achievement for their organization.”

Join us now in working together towards Malaysia’s aspiration to build a high-income economy.

What Makes Us Different?

Right Program

Like a perfect match, we tailor our in-house training program according to what fits your company’s requirement.

✓ Personalised training program that follows your time and budget
✓ High-quality trainers and training content
✓ HRDF-certified training service provider
✓ Fresh and interactive training approach


Right Program
Right Process

Right Process

Interested in participating in our training program? Learn how we will make it work for you.

✓ Approach Learning and Development (L&D) team from interested agencies
✓ Conduct requirement engineering process for the training needs analysis
✓ Propose the recommended training plan for the company
✓ Select trainers that suit the training program
✓ Conduct the training program
✓ Assess the training participants for a post-training report

Right Trainers

We provide only the best talents and trainers to help your company improve.

TTT-Certified Trainers
Our professional trainers are TTT-certified to convey only quality knowledge and training practice.

Industry Experts
We invite highly-experienced people from the Top 100 companies to share their insight and perspective.

Right Trainers
Right People

Right People

At Right Training Academy Sdn. Bhd. we are passionate and committed to serving you with the best training experience. Our organisational members consist of professional and dedicated staff who grow together with our agency in becoming among the top training service providers in Malaysia.